Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State of Baden-Württemberg (LADS)

The Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State of Baden-Württemberg (LADS) has been in existence since November 2018. It forms part of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration.

LADS principles

Why does the LADS exist? It says in the Constitution: Human dignity shall be inviolable. This dignity is violated by discrimination. This is not only to the disadvantage of the individual, but for society as a whole. Therefore, working against discrimination is important for democracy. Not only in Baden-Württemberg, but throughout Germany and Europe.

More than one third of all people in Germany say that they have experienced discrimination in the last two years. So it is not only a few people, but rather a large proportion of people in Germany. This is the result of a study done by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. The study is called “Discrimination in Germany”, and was done in 2017.

There are various reasons for discrimination, e.g., 

  • origin
  • language
  • religion
  • worldview
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • age
  • social background
  • a disability

The aim of the Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State is a society in which discrimination is identified and punished. And a society in which affected persons receive assistance – at home, at work and in public.

What LADS does

  • We make plans on how we can prevent discrimination.
  • We work together with stakeholders in Baden-Württemberg and Europe.
  • We are here for you: LADS helps you to find a counselling centre for discrimination in your area.

We want to help affected persons quickly.

That is why there are counselling centres against discrimination supported by LADS in nine cities in Baden-Württemberg. There is also a counselling centre for anyone who does not live close to a counselling centre.

Contacting LADS 

If you have experienced discrimination or have questions on the work that LADS does, you are welcome to call us or write us an e-mail.

Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State of Baden-Württemberg (LADS BW)
Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration of Baden-Württemberg
Else-Josenhans-Straße 6
70173 Stuttgart

Dr Nina Guérin,
Head of the Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State of Baden-Württemberg (LADS)

0711 123 3990

0711 / 123 - 3918

Do you have general questions for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration?

Then the Citizens’ Advisor team will be happy to help you. The contact details can be found under Citizens’ Advisor (only in German).

Anti-discrimination counselling in Baden-Württemberg

There are several counselling centres in Baden Württemberg. The Anti-Discrimination Agency of the State of Baden-Württemberg helps you to find a counselling centre in your area.

The addresses can be found on this page.

The counselling centres offer, among others:

  • Counselling
  • Empowerment
  • Networking and qualification
  • Public relations and raising awareness


The counselling centres for discrimination help people who are affected by discrimination.
There are several grounds for discrimination, including:

  • External features, for example the appearance of a person
  • Origin
  • Religion
  • Poverty
  • Sickness or disability
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age

If you are being disadvantaged for one of these reasons, you can be helped by anti-discrimination counselling.

What happens at counselling?

The counsellors listen to you. Everything that you tell them in counselling is treated as confidential. If you want, you can also remain anonymous during counselling.
You will not be doubted. The counsellors are on your side and will believe your experience.
The counsellors will tell you which laws there are in Germany to protect people against discrimination. Together with you they will work out a plan for how you can defend yourself against discrimination.
You want an apology, damages or restitution for the discrimination? Then the counsellors will write a letter of complaint together with you.
Would you prefer a personal conversation? In this case, the counsellors will accompany you to a mediation talk.
You want to lay a complaint against the discrimination? You need an attorney for this. The counsellors will help you to find an attorney.
The counsellors will also help you to raise awareness of the issue of discrimination and to do something against it.

Are the counselling centres accessible to people with disabilities?

Many anti-discrimination offices are accessible. In places where the office cannot be accessed by wheelchair, the counselling can also take place at another venue.
Will you be coming to counselling with a wheelchair or walker, or are you bringing an escort or service dog? Please notify the office before the appointment.
Please also inform them before the appointment if you need to communicate in sign language. 
It is important that you feel comfortable during counselling. Please tell the counsellors in the anti-discrimination office if you have concerns or wishes. They will take them into account in order to make the counselling experience as pleasant as possible for you. 

Which languages are available for counselling?

Most of the time, the counsellors at the anti-discrimination offices know various languages. They also work together with interpreters. 
Please inform them before your appointment that you wish to be counselled in another language. Often, you’ll be able to receive advice in your desired language, or an interpreter will translate for you. Counselling in sign language is also possible.


The counselling centres do not only offer advice for individuals. People who have experienced discrimination often form groups. There are meeting places at the counselling centres for these groups. In this way the members of these groups can help each other and together make a plan for to defend themselves against discrimination.

Networking and qualification

The discrimination counselling centres have good networks. They offer further training and workshops for other counselling centres. They also offer further training and workshops for self-help initiatives.
In this way other counselling centres and self-help initiatives learn to recognise discrimination. They also learn to identify the structures of our society that are vulnerable to discrimination. This means that other counselling centres and self-help initiatives can then help people seeking counselling to defend themselves against discrimination.

Public relations and raising awareness

The counselling centres make sure that many people become more aware of the issue of discrimination. They do this through information events, for example, and working together with the media. The counselling centres also have good contacts that help them with this.

Counselling Centres in Baden-Württemberg

Here are the addresses of the counselling centres in Baden-Württemberg.

Please leave a message on the answering machine if no-one answers the phone. Someone who works at the counselling centre will then call you back.

No counselling centre in your area?

If there is no counselling centre in your area, you can approach the national counselling centre. There you can get advice or counselling by telephone, email, chat or video.

For advice via chat, you can download the „adis online“ messenger app from the App Store. The app is free. You need to register in the app with your email address or telephone number.

national counselling centre

07071 14 31 04 10

national counselling centre

adis e. V.
Aixer Straße 12
72072 Tübingen
Owner: adis e. V.